Sunday, July 12, 2009

About Loving Yourself

Why are gypsies still exhibiting subculture behavior centuries after they stopped being slaves? And why are Romanians seen by others and by themselves as inferior?

In that multitude of factors used as an explanation, I'm going to explore just one. I believe people are comfortable feeling inferior.

Seriously. First of all, we all think in dichotomies - you're either inferior or superior to something. Romanians can't be superior to Germans, can they? They must be inferior.

Second, it's easier. It's much much easier to think of yourself as inferior. It's ridiculously easier. Because you don't have the responsibility of thinking about your next step. By saying "we Romanians are backward and it will take us 50 years to reach the West", we already know where we're going and what we have to do. Just get where they are. That means cleaner streets, less corruption, better education, more of a free market and the all-encompassing ever-present notion of "civilization". I'm not even gonna start on what a retarded self-inflicted eurocentric notion that is.

But in short, the way it goes is this. So some guys in Europe decided they wanted more than what they already had. And they did a lot of immoral and inhuman things and managed to get other lands. Nothing of which was unheard of. And like all conquering cultures, they created a system of beliefs under which it was all justified - eurocentrism. See 'the white man's burden', the forceful spread of Christianity and other such fallacies meant to make it all moral. Anyway, their success lies in the fact that they got others to believe in their intrinsic superiority too. Among which poor old confused Romanians, who will nowadays state blindly that their culture is shit by comparison, that their people are utter shit by comparison and the most delightful aspect of them all - they'll even use eurocentric notions when doing it! (read notions created by the West to express and explain their own superior nature) Yes, my friends, that is how much history has fucked with my people. Read history to which my people contributed, of course.

So ok, we're conditioned to think we're inferior and we like to do it, somewhere deep down. So who's to blame? That's the logical next question, right?

Not really. See, the logical answer to it is - blame ourselves, the Romanians, cause we suck. And there's that circular reasoning. We suck deeply because... ... because we suck deeply. Stop it! I know fallacies are not taught in Romanian education, but seriously, just stop it. If you're gonna say you want to get out of your current situation, then don't blame yourself as a first step (because of the aforementioned pointlessness of it).

But if you don't really want to change anything, cease in saying you do. If you're constantly criticizing those around you for not being "civilized", you, my friend, are full of it. If you took about the time it took me to write this post to actually think about what you're constantly preaching, you wouldn't use that word ever again.

A lot of people are content being non-Western. See the Italians - hell, they're as far from the Protestant ethic as you can get in this hemisphere. But you don't hear them denigrating each other for not being Dutch or German.

If you're gonna live in your own culture and enjoy the joys of it, might as well have the backbone to recognize some of its merits. If you're not gonna live in it, fine, leave. I did and I have very few regrets. But again, have the backbone to not denigrate it using seemingly self-explanatorial notions such as "uncivilized".