Sunday, April 26, 2009

Desperate attempt at being meaningful

Have you ever been confronted with a situation in which you are astounded by the seriousness of it all? Have you ever thought “Jesus, calm down, take it easy”. Basically a situation where you didn’t really understand why someone was taking something so much more seriously than you?

Ok, I’ll admit it, it was rhetorical. But still, have you ever wondered why it is exactly that some people take an organization for example more seriously than others? A basic human organization from, a committee, an NGO, a sorority, a fraternity, a company, a family… a community. Civic involvement. Lord, the amount of jokes cracked about that. Alright, so what makes people place so much value on an organization of people?

Why do we write election statements and try to find the raison-d’etre of a fucking sorority? It’s a bunch of girls being pretty and drinking rose. That’s all it is. I kid you not. Honest, there’s absolutely nothing more to it. But yet one would try to find meaning and place a high value of on it. And this seems to be happening all the time. “What make you happy and why?” – “I’m a lawyer, and it makes me happy to excel at it. But lawyers do have a true purpose, their purpose is to be better and smarter and more socially able to than their opponents”. No, you idiot. That’s an instrument. Your skills are instruments, middle-men between you, the person who lacks meaning in their own existence, and a goal you’re trying to reach.

My point is: why the are we trying to make instruments a purpose in themselves? Why not just call the end goal the roasted turkey and call a fork what it is: a piece of metal to cut it with. Handling the damn fork is not a purpose in itself, it’s a tool.

This is freaking why you have so many workaholics and gazillions of different types and forms of organizations taking their internal rules and procedures so seriously. Management is not a purpose in itself. It’s a motherfucking tool. Learn that. Management serves the purpose of the company. Management does not exist spontaneously and no one would ever think of it if they didn’t have an actual end that they needed to get to.

So my advice is stop trying to artificially find meaning in stuff that is unimportant! Figure out what is truly meaningful to you, have the guts to face yourself, instead of ignoring your cowardly ‘rationality’ in constructing a mental frame in which your profession is justified to be your life.


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very well-said and yes some people take even trivial things very seriously while other do not take even serious things seriously. There are individual differences.

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You are right. just try to find your inner happiness and only you are the one who can help you.