Saturday, July 19, 2008

90 posts! - Romanian Chronicles

So here I am. Fresh into my first month in the Romanian wilderness. Rather Southern and Transylvanian wildernesses. In any case, quite the trip.
However, I find myself completely unable to write about it. It's the kind of "too much has happened"-situation, where the effect in itself is enough to fill up any man's attention span for a week. Ok, a day. But it's still not bad.

Things I don't like about Romanians and have had a hard time adapting to in the first 2 weeks:
1. They don't look you straight in the eye when they speak to you. It makes you feel like you're part of the scenery and they're actually speaking to themselves. Seriously, not cool.

2. They get intimidated and will tell you so if you continuously look them in eye when in a conversation.

3. Will all invariably ask the same questions. Regardless of the accent, I will find myself having to say "No, I did not bring any pot back home. Because I want to go back there in two months. Yes, I've smoked it. Yes, you do feel different. Yes, I like it there. No, I don't have the time to fully explain what it is that I'm studying. Also won't explain what meeting I just had. Because it takes too fucking long."

4. Will again invariably end up asking "Si altfel ce mai faci?" or something of the sort, unless you are actual friends prior to the conversation. ("So how else are you?")

5. Again, unless friends prior to the conversation, will have one of the two reactions when hearing you study in Holland: "you - God. me - not worthy" or "I am completely ignoring the fact that we have nothing to talk about because we have nothing in common so I am going to ask 'Si altfel ce mai faci?' or something of the sort".

6. Too many girls wear excessive make-up, dress as if sex toys on heals and expect to be taken seriously.

7. Guys are completely comfortable staring at your breasts for a good couple of minutes. No, you may not ask them not to. Because it would in no way have a positive effect. Because it's like asking Dutch guys not to wear hair gel. Social faux-pas.

8. Many conversations end up in discussing attributes of cars owned by neighbours.

9. Meeting someone new in Transylvanian cities generally implies being ignored at least for the first 10 minutes. If you prove yourself worthy, you may perhaps be allowed to enter a terribly interesting conversation regarding the above-mentioned cars owned by neighbours.

10. Why do people refuse to look you in the eye for a full damn sentence?

Things I've missed about Romania:

1. Family.

2. Friends.

3. Being able to understand all the subtleties of the language spoken around you.

4. Some kinds of cheese.

... Yup, that's about it.

Hooray, I'm home!