Monday, April 14, 2008

I wanna

For a few days...

I wanna lose my head.

I wanna forget I'm me.

I wanna forget I have deadlines.

I wanna forget I'm responsible.

I wanna not be considerate.

I wanna not write emails.

I wanna not worry.

I wanna not remember.

I wanna chill.

I wanna drink wine and eat home-made cheesecake.

I wanna only smoke shag.

I wanna only think about him.

I wanna look at the sky for hours.

I wanna go riding in the woods.

I wanna go jogging at sunset every day.

I wanna enjoy the campus ducks in the morning with a cup of coffee.

I wanna sit in the sun.

I wanna discard everything.

I wanna be completely happy.

1 comment:

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Nice thoughts! Its right that at times we want to get away from everyone and everything. We want to spend time with ourselves in solitude and think about ourselves.