Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ghost of feelings past

I'm leaving tomorrow. Again. Few things remind me of my last departure. No deja-vu. So, earlier today I was looking at old posts and came across this draft that never got published, marked September 11th 2007. My early impressions. Many things have changed since then, too.

"That's strange. It seems like the logical outcome, yet it's still amazing. I just didn't see it coming. What do you think it's like when cultural differences come down to very hidden personal things or, at best (or worst), stereotypes come true. When you meet someone from Uganda and swear they're American. And someone from Santa Monica and swear they're from the deepest jungles of Africa? And when you ultimately realise that your own nationality, culture and habits don't matter that much. That even your life goals are mostly common to everyone around you? When skin colour is no longer a matter of 'wow, this conversation should be interesting'. The differences aren't actually emphasized here. They're diminished. We now share a common language. We obey the same rules. We look up to the same people and party in the same place and eventually the same way. Our lives are almost identical regarding events, life conditions, schedules and activities. What do you call it when you find yourself holding the door for a guy? Stunned. What do you call it when you don't find it normal for a guy to hold the door for you? A new beginning."


Oana said...

11 septembrie.. atunci am plecat din Olanda.

Julesie said...

Dap. Unul dintre motivele 'optimismului' din post.

De fapt, daca ne gandim bine, 11 Septembrie e memorabil din destule motive :) (bitter smile).