Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I could not help it, I just could not...

I've been pondering Romania's situation and the people's mentality for quite some time now and although I haven't been able to come up with one conclusive answer, I couldn't help but literally laugh out loud, for the second time no less, at this brilliantly written piece of.. 'blogareala' :

"What a scoop for Jurnalul National this morning: Toffifee chocolate toffee-coated hazelnuts are sugary!

Professor Gheorghe Mencinicopschi, director of the Institutului de Cercetari Alimentare (Institute of Dietary Research) is quoted by Jurnalul National's top dietary correspondent as declaring - in his best medical opinion - that Toffifee (which describes itself as 'A Hazelnut in caramel with creamy nougat and chocolate') contains 'high quantities of sugar, glucose and syrup.' Apparently, it is not recommended for diabetics or the overweight.

Well I never.

Another great day for Romanian journalism. Tomorrow's big story? 'Pope admits fondness for Catholicism' perhaps?"

Here you can find the entire account of this (former?) British expat in Bucharest, a city which I'm sure managed a perfectly bittersweet and plain strange impression on him. It surely did on me.