Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sa vezi si sa nu crezi - admiration #2

I've craved this for about 4 years.
It's not that I had given up hope, it's just that I had accepted the situation and decided there is nothing to hope for, really. And it's not that I did this consciously or in an angry manner. It's just that I thought I was beyond the stage where this kind of thing would impress me.
But I'm not. And it does. And the world just got a lot brighter.
"Ioana, may I have a word?" - "Of course." - "I've been asked to recommend a student for the annual academic publication here. I was thinking of you. Would you be interested?"

They were wrong. You can expect better. Much better. And they just got a whole lot sadder - petty little self-deluded creatures. Who's they? The bright academic minds of "the best high school in Romania". Funny, I thought I was over that, too.