Monday, October 1, 2007


Maybe it's finally time to explain what they are. Why white-pink flowers?
Well because I like metaphors. Because they're art. Because just as art translates reality into an artist's work, metaphors translate a simple, boring, stereotypic notion into.. whatever one wants, basically.

So why white-pink flowers again?

Because they're all the kindness in the world, tainted with just a little bit of pragmatism.

They're for all the naive and idealist children in the world. Children who will say their prayers at night, who will smile from their hearts when others do, who will spend their 50 cents on silly Christmas presents for their family. They are children who make a pledge to be better and pray every evening reminding God that they are trying. And that even though they forgot today, they will not tomorrow. And then they try even more. They hope intensely and they dream in all the bright colours of the world. They love.
Easy pray.

It's also for all the goodness and the kindness and the immense self-giving white flowers in blue old old eyes.

It's for all those white flowers that got tainted. As long as they're not blood red, we're all safe.