Tuesday, March 27, 2007


(Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Ok, the title might have been a bit too much, but on a microlevel my life will be turned upside down starting August 20th 2007. Among the million questions constantly popping into my head, that those close to me have to endure with bravery every day, one was "Just how different will I be when I'm finished exploring The Netherlands?". Well, of course, I turned to the last big change in my life, which happened about two and a half years ago : moving to Bucharest.
On my first vacantion I visited my hometown and the strangest feeling I ever experienced was thinking "I'm riding the same bus, I'm seeing the same buildings, talking to the same people. I love them all. But I don't identify with any of them anymore". Just like before, I'm not fully aware of the fact that I'm leaving. To me, it's out there, in some distant universe, with different rules and customs and ways of thinking and means of transportation!(yes, im going to have to learn how to ride a bike). Utrecht is nice. The photos look great. The weather is definitely not hot. The people are famous for being open-minded, yet polite. Will I come to be a replica of that? Will I come to think I'm a little bit a part of Utrecht and, even worse, a little bit of it is mine? And will my parents recognise the same me when I come home?
Will I ever come back to Romania?
I suppose most people go through this kind of thing, even if their university is in a different city, not a different country. I suppose it could be worse, like moving accross the Atlantic. I suppose I'm thinking too much.