Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pai daca-i romaneasca, romaneasca sa fie...

Mass message from former highschool colleague :

"Those of you who've taken your degree in computer science back in highschool come pick it up tomorrow personally from the school." - a degree for an exam taken over 5 months ago. Pick it up personally. Personally. Tomorrow only. In ROMANIA.

Sure, I'll just hop on my bike and pedal 40 hours straight for a degree I didn't want in the first place. Not to mention how terribly useful it is. 'Computer operator'. Quite useful indeed. Not that it's understood everywhere else that such a qualification is a prerequisite for freaking highschool!

I wonder what they'll do if I don't pick it up personally within 48 hours. Burn it? Toss it away? Use it for wrapping bagels?

"Sa se spele cu ea pe cap".. for all I care.

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