Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gotta love Holland

Discussion with a Dutch friend :

- Also incredible how women here in very tight and short skirts can just cycle away. You can see everything! But they dont seem to have a problem with it.
- Umm, it's not nice to look.
- So its normal for them to show it but its impolite to look? Not stare, im saying look.
- Well, looking is allowed, I think. But staring will get you a direct verbal assault, thanks to our dutch frankness.
- So its normal for them to cycle like that?
- Yes.

Well no one opens doors for me here, but at least I can do other rewarding things.


Magaru said...

I wanna live there when I grow older :-D.

Julesie said...

Haha. But you still wouldn't be allowed to look :P

Donkey said...

Why not? I wouldn't be allowed to stare, but looking is ok, isn't it?

What about taking pictures :-P?