Friday, May 18, 2007

The white canvas

Ah, la pureté ! La vérité! L'absolu!

A white rose, an innocent smile, a brand new day, a clean slate and a white canvas. Great stuff. We all seem to love purity.

Why are people generally so fascinated by innocence and untainted things?

Case and point : relationships.

Is it a form of high aspiration? A lot of guys want their wife to have been a virgin. At heart, if not body. Most won't admit to it, but let's face it. Even if you're a girl, you don't want your guy to have had several long-term relationships before you came along. It spoils all the fun. He might still be comparing you to his ex. He might have some kind of hidden trauma that you'll only find out about 2 years into your marriage. And the worst fear of all : he's handsome, charming, spoils you and seems to be your dream man... but what if he's out for revenge on the female specie because of some twisted lady he met before you? These are all things that you don't necessarily think about when you hook up with someone, but we've all asked such questions at some point.

And still it's just not fair. What about the helpful experience of a former relationship? All that wisdom! What about not making the same beginner-like mistakes? And what about wine that's better with time?!

They just don't seem to matter as much, do they?...


Oana said...
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Oana said...

Those aspects about the "fears" are usually just paranoia, not helpful at all; and the wine is better all the time, but with time increases quality.