Monday, May 7, 2007

'The U.S. and A'

First photo on US soil. Some hint, huh?
And that's a library. I kid not. (UCLA)
Seen some big stars' stars.

Damn! And we only missed the Oscars by a bit! :))

So we went capitalist...

Bit of fun in the sun.

Not nervous... nope.. just unable to swallow or breathe. Oh come on! What gave me away?

Nope, definitely not nervous. The humongous screen doesn't frighten me at all.

Window shopping is a lot of fun. Santa Monica Promenade

Nightfall near Santa Monica Pier

Bye bye now!

No turbulence, just awe.

Ungodly beautiful dawn over the Pacific.

Gotta love plane food.

Well it was fun while it lasted. Bit disappointed in the people and amazed at the amount of useless junk Americans buy. But a great experience nonetheless.
(July 2006)

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Oana said...

The sky looks wonderful from the plane, in your pictures. I miss travelling by plane...