Friday, May 4, 2007

Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

So communism doesn't dehumanize people. People dehumanize people.

What do those two examples have in common?

Well first of all they both started out as good intentions. Guns are meant to protect their owners. One gun per family should do it. The patriarch has it and will shoot any thief and rapist that tries to break into his house and harm his family. Fair enough.
Then communism started out as a means of making the very poor less poor. Bear with me, I'm talking theory here. It was generally meant to create a happy, pleasant, care-free society. It did the trick, for a few decades and for the large majority of people.

But, of course, both of them got out of hand because of the risks involved in giving so much power to... undeserving people, really. I don't see how you can expect the vast majority of untrained citizens to be responsible with guns. Translation : any moron can just up and shoot you. He has that kind of power. That's pretty scary if you ask me. When you think of what communism degenerated into, it's pretty much the same thing. The power of decision was given to individuals that were generally not prepared to deal with it, but that just happened to agree with the theory of the regime. Or, in worse cases, that just wanted a quick rise and would do anything to anyone.
And thus, two little mistakes developed into two major disasters.

The point of the above parallel was that it's not the invention of the gun or Marx's fault that things went bad.

So why the hell is everyone in Romania continuously blaming communism for everything that's wrong in this country? Sure, the circumstances weren't ideal for the blooming of such values as equality, generosity and civilized behaviour. But it was all a question of choice. And I'll give you the perfect example : the Transylvanian society was affected to a far lesser extent than the one in Bucharest and the Southern parts. I won't comment on the reasons to not offend anyone, but the fact remains. How did that happen if 'there was no choice in the matter'? There is always a choice and people choose whether to make it or not.

I'm so sick of constantly hearing the urban ultra-trendy uber-cool blaming the past for every nasty behaviour they encounter. Not to mention the fact that not taking any responsibility by the older generation is seriously dangerous at this point. First of all, it results in saying "yeah, so this is it. I can't do anything to fix the past, so that means I can't do anything to change things in the present". No, you can't, but you can change them for the future, you ignorant bastard. Starting by not throwing garbage on the streets, not pushing your way into a bus, not shouting curses everywhere and ultimately NOT referring to your country as Rromania (land of gypsies) or to the people as uncivilized. It's so infuriating seeing how no one will do anything, yet everyone expect things to change over night.

If you don't like it here, leave. If you won't leave, but still don't like it, then fucking take responsibility for your actions, stop worshiping western countries, do something to change things and start referring to yourself as what you really are : a Romanian.


hardarab said...

who says that everybody in romania blames communism for every bad thing in the present?...just you...this is a twisted presumption and so your whole speech becomes's absurd to say such a thing...and it's absurd to ignore the effects of commuinsm in our present society...because...well some of the politicians today are former communists and activists in PCR...and i think that the first so called "gun" was made for hunting...if you consider it to be the bow...

Julesie said...

I'm not ignoring the effect of communism on present society. Did you not read?

My critique was towards the new generation that generally prefers to say it's way to hard to change things than actually do something about it. The fact that you may not be one of those people shouldn't prevent you from looking around. Also, read the little red writing on the left that says these are opinions, not universal truths. Just like your own opinion, I presume.

And do look into the gun thing and don't ever repeat the hunting part. The US constitution says one can shoot a person that is not allowed to be on one's property. At any time and under any circumstances.

hardarab said...

about the gun thing i was reffering to the fact that you said that the gun was invented for protection...but it was invented for killing...even while protecting one from another,or hunting...and about the new generation, take a survey ask 100 young -new generation- persons and see how many of them know what communism ment for romania how it manifests today and other random things about it...and take the survey among normal people, not dumb, not smart ones...most of them won't know when the revolution started...where...why the dictator was killed ...or the way that communism fell on a european level...people today are ignorant and lack the sense of respect and responsability...if they could they would blame everything for their failure, and again how can the new generation blame communism for everything that's wrong (as you said) when most of them don't even know what communism really ment?

people today blame everything they can...from the young to the old...and it is's human...the sad thing is that the smart people spend their time being superior to the rest and they don't try to understand them and guide them...the intelligent people are scared of the jackals and leave...this is romania

Julesie said...

The perhaps I failed to express myself clearly. A lot of people blame communism, but I clearly said that the youth blames the past, whatever was in it.
Also, I happen to know a lot of 'inteligent' aka down to earth people who try to influence others. But at best you're told "Everyone does it. What's it going to matter if I do, as well?". And that's the good case.

I'm not sure where you're from, because that may have a lot to do with your view on things. From my own experience, communism was an almost dead topic in Cluj, but an all so alive one in Bucharest.

krossfire said...

Liiceanu said that if he were forced to choose between fascism and communism he would choose fascism. Although it implied political murder, fascism didn't destroy the so called ''spine of a people''. This spine is private property and the respect for private property. Communism created monsters...

Julesie said...

Hear hear!