Thursday, April 19, 2007

Poetry wasn't written for the critics

... the same way life doesn't exist for the sake of rules.

Flowes don't smell so that we can catalog the aroma. A child doesn't smile at us so that we can label him as young. The sun doesn't shine so that we can study the color palet and eyes aren't beautiful for identification purposes.
Parents' love wasn't born so that a family can be the nucleus of society and friendship between two dying patients is not a socially strategic move.

So why do we insist on spoiling it?


Anonymous said...

because nothing is ever good enough (maybe)

Julesie said...

Well I suppose knowledge does have a price then. :)

Filmfritz said...

I agree, from the point of view of a reader, but through the perspective of a writer, critics are as necessary as the poetry itself. A poet without the critics is lost. This mutuality is eternal, but I feel that modern critics don't care much about the indirect relationship with the writer. Why? Because they have their own public now. Modern times should invent critics for the critics.
Ok, I'm slightly off-topic now. Excuse my bad english and good night.

Julesie said...

Modern times need criticism more than anything. Everything is being judged by everyone. Another step towards civilisation, you would think. But it's such a pity when the analysis becomes more important that what is being analized in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Modern times should invent critics for the critics. --- i like that, filmfritz, very well said

Woland said...

'cause we just love being judgmental. makes us feel safe and secure. just because we can label things, we think we can control them as well. we're so wrong.