Monday, April 30, 2007

Busy. DND. Permanently

'Hey! What's up?' - 'Busy.'
'Still busy? Come on' - 'yeah. it sucks. gotta go.'
'I'm so busy. Gotta finish that one tonight, the other thing by Wednesday and ultimately get around to working more than should be expected of any 18 y.o.'

2007 seniors in high school, in Romania, will pretty much know where I'm coming from. I won't comment anymore on that particular topic seeing as this year is an exception that overrides all laws of common sense or decency and that for some reason only students can seemingly understand.
But maybe I'm subjective.

In any case, I got some very interesting feedback on the 'Let's talk contrasts' post and after some consideration I've come to agree with Filmfritz, who later shared the conclusion drawn on his forum regarding mediocrity. Mediocrity does not equal balance. One cannot use the term balance when referring to mediocrity. Mediocre people are, indeed, the ones that have never experienced the extremes, have had no desire to do so nor do they have it regarding the future. Near or distant.

Balance, on the other hand, implies a person's full knowledge regarding their decision. It means that they've tried or at least come close to both extremes and have made a conscious decision regarding their present or future.

Also, being a workaholic is in no way a decision. Most (keep in mind, not all) of those who do become such sad individuals have had a slow, but steady rise. They've been encouraged to aim higher and higher. And the material rewards were plentiful. So yeah, what moron would stop at this point? I guess you only start to realize that something's wrong with the picture when you have a vacation. No more friends to call or bars where the bartender has the slightest idea who you are. And, of course, the crucial moment when you realize your relationship is no more. It just vanished. Poof. Nothing went wrong and nothing went right. The phone calls just stopped and you didn't even notice. You stopped hearing the phone ring a long time ago. But you didn't even notice that either.

Well that, my friends, is what I call sad. Not taking time off to watch a ball game or refusing to be no.1 for the sake of a hot date and certainly not turning your paper in late because you went to visit your grandmother.

However silly these examples are, I'd rather be willingly silly than obliviously sad.


Woland said...

nici Raluca Stroescu nu si-a dat seama cand s-a dus...asa e in viata si in economia de piata. mult de munca...

Julesie said...

True. That's my point. There's always a choice. Even when there's no choice, there IS a choice.

Woland said...

nope, there's only the illusion of a choice. you think you can just stop if you want to, but you can't. there are too many things connected, related, depending on one another, so you end up walking a road that has been chosen for you.

Julesie said...

Bit of a sad vision there. I guess it all depends on priorities and who are we to judge for someone else.